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Inevitably, my choices have been subjective, even random. There are so many possibilities, as the music is deep and wide and now international. But in the end, this is my list. No smooth jazz. And for one reason or another, it doesn’t include Keith Jarrett, Eddie Palmieri, Anthony Braxton, Esperanza Spalding, Vijay Iyer, Roscoe Mitchell, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Eric Harland and 50 other worthy candidates. Next time. Here goes. Like him or resent him, he has been the face of jazz for decades — through tough times for jazz — while building the Jazz at Lincoln Center organization and winning a Pulitzer Prize in music. Ever mindful of jazz’s African-American heritage, he is the composer of ambitious works for symphony orchestra, gospel choir and jazz big band, while leading his own well-honed ensembles. And — I’ll give away where I stand on all this — he is an important trumpeter, an effervescent swinger and exquisite balladeer. Try “Live at Blues Alley” and “Live from the House of Tribes.”.

The appropriately named program, “Masterworks of Movement and Theatre,” continues at 8 p.m, Saturday and 1:30 p.m, Sunday at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, Petit’s “Carmen” thrives on the energy of Parisian cabaret dancing, including some of its sardonic repetto ballet flats sale wit, The choreography is propulsive, stylized and not profound, Yet theatrically “Carmen” throws powerful punches, The chair dance turns into a revolving door for lovers; the bandits’ stomping and beating the floor to mock Don Jose and egg on Carmen recall brutal tribal rituals, San Jose’s dancers performed all of it with spitfire energy and just the right note of cynicism..

At the age of 46, Carreno stepped for the first time into the role of the hapless Don Jose. It was a generous gift to the company and a tribute to his artistry. His finishes may not be what they once were but his exquisitely tight turns and his ability to make a role his own were glorious to see. Alexsandra Meijer’s splendid Carmen sported the shortest skirt and the longest legs in the universe. She used those legs like daggers, kicking, stabbing and raising them in triumph. In the bedroom scene with its infamously erotic, though no longer that shocking, duet, Meijer embodied plenty of Carmen’s self-satisfied narcissism but not enough of that louche man-eating quality.

The lovers’ final, bullfight-inspired duet was pure Petit theatricality, Attempting tragedy, it repetto ballet flats sale didn’t rise up to it, Ommi Pipit-Suksun and Rudy Candia will perform the leads on the Sunday matinee, As one the three bandit leaders, the still splendidly leaping Ramon Moreno — who together with Beth Ann Namey will retire at the end of the season — sported a comedian’s red wig, Strong woman Amy Marie Briones fired up her fouettés and sailed through her leaps; while Maykel Solas not only jumped and raced, he also somersaulted..

Tharp’s “In the Upper Room” got its name from a Mahalia Jackson gospel song. Despite Philip Glass’ including female voices toward the end of his commissioned score, I couldn’t see any trace of sacredness, unless racing through fog into some kind light suggests a search for something. “In the Upper Room” is an applause machine. One moment you have four women stalking and whirling in toe shoes, the next a leisurely group jogs backwards in slippers. The choreography’s demands on speed and precision partnering kept dancers on their toes and audiences at the edge of their seats. It was quite a ride.

At times it felt like a power keg about to explode, But it didn’t because Tharp meticulously shaped the supposed competition between ballet and modern dance into a friendly coexistence, Balletic turns and leaps — including a reverse fish dive, Solas’ whipping turns, and Meijer’s shoulder-high lifts — comfortably shared the stage with male shadow boxing and dancers shimmying and tapping, With Tharp the studio and the gym are one, “In the Upper Room ” does develop some kind of trajectory, enhanced by Norma Kamali’s splendid costuming, She starts the dancers in gray gym suits and black/white prison garbs, The repetto ballet flats sale ballet dancers gradually introduce the color red, most shockingly with the first bloody toe shoe, It made think of what is still one of the best ballet films, “The Red Shoes.”..

The graffiti, written in the creek bed adjacent to the school’s entrance, read “12 people, May 8”. Officials added extra security for the school, and many parents kept their children home from classes, but no incidents were reported. The Danville Police Department and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, are investigating the incident and ask for the public’s help in finding the person who wrote the message. A similar message was also found at John Baldwin Elementary School, but officials said they believed that was a “copycat” threat.

Superintendent Mary Shelton said the incident has caused anxiety in the community and that she is hopeful the reward offer will lead to the arrest of the culprit and bring the situation to a close, About 11:30 p.m., Sheriff’s Office deputies stopped a black BMW along Byron Highway, near Mountain House Parkway, for an expired registration, The driver of the BMW, identified as 37-year-old Almighty Allah, was also driving with a suspended license and had a no-bail warrant for his arrest out of Contra Costa County, according to the repetto ballet flats sale Sheriff’s Office..

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