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Despite opposition from residents in his own neighborhood and in another area of the city, the incoming mayor has come out in support of two controversial development projects that will add more housing and residents to Richmond, because he says they will bolster the local economy. “Butt is a guy who generally leaves no doubt about his position on a given issue,” said former Councilman Jim McMillan. “He doesn’t dance around.”. His ascension to mayor is the latest step up for a longtime businessman who had a reputation early in his political career as a parochial leader most interested in Point Richmond — where a local eatery has a sandwich named after him. The area has long been a power bloc of the city despite being home to less than 5 percent of its residents.

Marginalized and isolated during his early years on the council, Butt has capitalized on the rise of pointe shoe shops the Richmond Progressive Alliance, a far-left grass roots organization that counts three of its members on the council, and the faltering of the old Chevron-backed coalition, Although he is not a member of the progressive alliance, he has joined their causes when it suited him, and won their support in his bid for mayor, Ritterman called the new mayor “smart, strategic and calculating.”..

He also has a hot temper. Last year, he bolted from his seat on the dais in a rage, wagging his finger in Mayor Gayle McLaughlin’s face and yelling at her for her inability to maintain decorum during a tempestuous meeting. He has since apologized. He’s also erupted in a huff in other venues, such as the time when he stomped out of a closed-door meeting with Chevron officials. For that, the new mayor makes no apologies. “I got so pissed off (at Chevron negotiators) I walked out; yeah, the mediator chased me out in the street to ask me to come back,” he said, laughing.

The Urban Hang Suite event, hosted by Lerecia Evans and Aqueila Lewis, debuts at 7 p.m, Jan, 15 at Noya Restaurant and Lounge, 14350 Laurie Lane in pointe shoe shops San Pablo, The event has a $5 cover charge, $3 with student ID, Noya, open for about a year next to Walgreen’s at the San Pablo Town Center Plaza, serves Latin fusion food in the restaurant and has a separate lounge area that includes a stage and dance floor, “One of the reasons why I chose Noya Restaurant and Lounge is because it would give artists in West Contra Costa County a place to go and perform without having to drive to Oakland or San Francisco,” said Evans, “We are hoping all artists will come out and share their work, professionals and first-timers.”..

This year only William Burnett and John Sinnott elementary schools exceeded their goals with 2,412 cans and $1,136 and 6,214 cans and $1,173, respectively. Rancho Milpitas Middle School exceeded its can goal and came close to meeting its cash goal with $2,219 and 2,958 cans. Milpitas High School, Anthony Weller Elementary School and the Milpitas Unified School District’s Board of Education exceeded their cash donation goals. At the Jack Emery Food Drive kickoff brunch on Nov. 11, schools pledged to raise 48,450 cans and $20,900 collectively across the school district between Nov. 17 and Dec. 15. School administrators and student bodies also challenged each other good-naturedly with the payoffs including getting dressed in costumes at public events, getting soaked with water balloons, dancing, wearing an opposing school’s colors and duct-taping administrators to poles on campus.

The winning school will get to pie Karen Kolander, executive director the Milpitas Food Pantry, Also, because Sinnott met its can and cash goal Sinnott Principal Laurie Armino will have to spray paint her hair in colors for a day, Additionally in a challenge between William Burnett Elementary School and Sinnott, the winning school (Sinnott) will get a free dress day and the student council and principal of the pointe shoe shops losing school will do a Macarena dance in front of both schools, Last year the schools collectively gathered 45,480 cans of food and $19,700, In 2012 they collectively gathered nearly 41,457 cans and more than $17,600 in cash..

The Jack Emery Food Drive accounts for 60 percent of the food that the Milpitas Food Pantry receives annually. The food and cash from the drive will sustain the pantry, at 1440 S. Main St., until June or July of this year, Kolander said. The pantry served about 800 families over the Thanksgiving holiday and 600 families over Christmas, an increase from last year. Kolander, along with her longtime volunteers, are sorting through the boxes of can donations that are still coming in that are piled all over the pantry to check the expiration dates, before sorting them.

Based in the South Bay and Santa Cruz areas, the Marks Collective artists’ inspiration is based on various aspects of contemporary life, The artists reflect the enormous diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, Each of the artists has earned either a bachelor’s of fine arts or a master’s degree in fine arts from San Jose State University, Painting, drawing and printmaking are the primary media to be exhibited at Olive Hyde, Gerry Mooney, a local professional photographer who specializes in education, documentation, photojournalism, portraits, and events, earned pointe shoe shops a bachelor’s in art at Cal State University at Hayward, He taught photography at Ohlone College and has been teaching classes and workshops for more than 35 years, He offers classes in Fremont, Newark, Dublin and Montana, The Fremont Main Library is wheelchair accessible, The library will provide an ASL interpreter for any event with at least seven working days’ notice, Call (510) 745-1401 or TTY (888) 663-0660..

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