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"Politicians are already talking about 5G," points out Ernest Doku, "and meanwhile one in three Brits are experiencing mobile signal blackspots at least weekly. We can only hope that Ofcom uses this data to tell the under-performing networks to pull their socks up and finally improve."Call quality in rural areas is still disappointing, according to the latest research from UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom. A third of people in the British countryside are unhappy with their mobile phone service. New research shows that rural and remote areas of the UK are under-served by mobile phone signal, let alone 4G, with Vodafone the worst network for call quality.

Sonny Dickson, a noted Apple leaker who has made a name for himself for producing typically accurate leaks and information related to the notoriously secret firm, has published photos of what could be the backside of the iPhone 6 , The first photo shared on Tuesday shows the entire iPhone 6 backplate, complete with a metal chassis and deeply defined iphone x screen protector 5 below lines to accent its design, The second image shows a closeup of the holes for the device's camera and flash, pic.twitter.com/BgC6SGuf36, -- Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) August 12, 2014..

iPhone 6 rumors have been flying for months. Reports suggest Apple will launch both a 4.7-inch version and another 5.5-inch model that will feature improved specs and run on iOS 8 at launch. The latest rumors suggest Apple will hold a special event in early September to unveil the new devices and launch at least the smaller version this fall. The rumor mill has said that the 5.5-inch model could launch later this year. Dickson, who hails from Melbourne, Australia, came to prominence last year after revealing images of both the iPhone 5S and new iPads that proved accurate.

Of course, like any Apple handicapper, some of his leaks have been off, including a recent rash of iphone x screen protector 5 below alleged iPhone 6 photos that have been identified as fake, Still, many of the leaks he shares are credible, which makes this one a little more believable than others that might come along, The trouble, of course, is trying to figure out exactly what Apple is up to, The company keeps its plans close to its chest and will never provide details on new products until it holds its special events, Apple also never comments on rumors or leaked images, making determining the accuracy of leaked photos impossible to verify, This latest leak, therefore, should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt..

CNET has contacted Apple for comment, nonetheless. We will update this story when we have more information. (Via 9to5 Mac.). The photos were published by Sonny Dickson, a noted Apple leaker who proved quite accurate last year leading up to the iPhone 5S. Photos have surfaced showing what could be the iPhone 6's rear backplate. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Visit manufacturer site for details, Budget smartphones have changed dramatically over the past couple of years, with technology once found only inside the most expensive mobiles now available on bog-standard, entry-level devices, The Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo is just such a device, boasting a 4.5-inch display, a quad-core processor, 4G LTE and Android KitKat software, You can pick the Turbo up now only on Vodafone for £135 on pay as you go, or free on Vodafone's 4G plans from £26.50 per iphone x screen protector 5 below month, Oddly, you can't buy the Turbo on Vodafone's online store, Instead, you'll have to march down to one of its high street shops like it's 2004, Still, at least you can grab a coffee on the way..

There's no escaping the fact that the Turbo is a budget phone. Its back is a single expanse of dark grey, rubberised plastic that's very plain. The front is a single piece of glass, broken only by the speaker grille, and with only the touch-sensitive navigation keys providing any visual interest. At 10.4mm thick, it's pretty chunky. Together with the wide bezel surrounding the display, the Turbo is a thoroughly uninspiring piece of kit all round. It certainly won't appeal to the fashion-conscious among you.

Its beefy body does at least feel quite sturdy, There's little flex from the chassis and the back panel's rubberised coating can take attacks from the keys and coins in your pocket without showing up every single scratch, The phone comes with only 4GB of built-in storage, which you'll blow through extremely quickly -- particularly if you store your music locally, Some games too, like the popular racer Asphalt 8, can take up over 1GB of space, Although you're unlikely to go for this phone if you're a dedicated app addict, I'd still recommend iphone x screen protector 5 below splashing out on a cheap microSD card to store photos from the camera, reserving the limited on-board space for apps..

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