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Measuring 6.1 millimeters, the iPad 2 is thinner than a pencil, a magazine, and slightly more svelte than the original iPad Air. The iPad Air 2's most notable physical addition? Touch ID. It works for passwords, and a modified version of Apple Pay. The gold version is a new finish for the iPad Air: it's more like a subtle bronzing. There are silver and space gray options, too. Touch ID, is a feature also seen in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and iPad Mini 3, but was left off 2013’s iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The one-touch fingerprint identification of Touch ID works astonishingly well, coming in handy for unlocking, iTunes transactions, or any other app that takes advantage of its use, A 9.7-inch Retina display still has the same 2,048x1,536 pixel resolution as last year (and the year before), but yes, it looks just a bit better, Apple boasts that the screen’s more directly laminated to the glass this time, like the iPhones, creating more immediacy, An anti-glare coating across the iphone 4 case ebay display lends well to reading outdoors, and everything looks a hair better than the previous model..

Although the size differences are negligible unless you have both the Air and Air 2 side by side, the takeaway here is that the latest version is still impressively thin. The rear-facing iSight camera gets a bump up to 8 megapixels with extras features like slow-mo, time lapse, and better face detection. Still no flash, though. The Air 2 may not bring an end to the age of laughing at iPad photographers, but there are legitimate reasons to bring your iPad (and its camera) everywhere: to scan documents, assess properties or products, or quickly record a little clip or photo to send out on the fly.

Autofocus works, but it doesn’t work as accurately or as rapidly as the iPhones, You’ll probably find yourself tapping-to-focus a lot, Strangely enough, the new iPad's speakers resonate slightly more than the previous models, likely due to the aluminum chassis that practically vibrates at loud volumes, Certainly not a dealbreaker, but something to keep in mind for those that like to crank up the volume on music and movies, The way Touch ID works on the iPad feels more like a precursor for the inevitable adoption of Touch ID iphone 4 case ebay in Macs: a way to log in and authenticate while using apps..

The FaceTime camera is the most useful camera improvement: it’s still just 1.2 megapixels, but registers better contrast, low-light photography, has a new f2.2 aperture, and generally just allows for clearer FaceTime chats..and yes, selfies. Photo quality feels similar to the iPhone 5s, for rear-camera photos. Apple Pay has made its way onto the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, but without NFC for tap-to-pay: instead, the iPad stores credit card information centrally and allows apps that choose to fold in Apple Pay to use it to make one-touch payments.

Apps such as Evernote and several password managers use Touch ID to save you from remember another lengthy, complicated password, On an iPhone, the one-thumb Touch ID press feels natural: I end up using it dozens of times a day, On the iPad, pressing the home button is done less often, and is something I tend to do while sitting down, with my forefinger, The iPad’s form iphone 4 case ebay is still wonderfully refined: clean, solid metal and glass, sharp and easy to hold, But the Air's still hard to grab in one hand..

The iPad Air 2 in gold, and beneath it last year's iPad Air in space gray: can you tell the difference?. Smaller is better, but in a bag this won’t feel like a difference-maker. Seen here: iPad Air 2 on top of iPad Air. At 0.96 pounds (437g) for the Wi-Fi version of the Air 2 versus 1 pound (469g) for last year's Air (Wi-Fi plus cellular models weigh in at 0.98 pound or 444g for the second-gen Air versus 1.05 pounds or 478g for the previous model), it's nothing like the nearly half-pound weight reduction in 2013.

As always, the headphone jack is present on the iPad Air 2 for times when you iphone 4 case ebay want to escape into a private listening session, It's a better bet than the built-in speakers, Video editing apps and hardcore games play really smoothly on the Air 2, but average users will still get a lot of mileage out of last year's A7-equipped iPads, The Apple Pay set-up process is easy to get going, but we should note that your credit card needs to be Apple Pay-ready, which not all are yet (corporate cards, in particular), and Web-based transactions can’t take advantage of it either..which is a shame, since a lot of people do direct Web-based shopping..

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