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Those who planned to cook at home could get their turkeys at the Lincoln Market on University Avenue near Shattuck, or at Safeway, but neither store listed prices, promising instead the best quality birds. Two days later in Palo Alto, Cal fans “sat dumbfounded and bewildered as their team played like national champions in defeating the Stanford Indians 32 to 14.” May they do the same at this year’s Big Game, to be played in Berkeley. After their Big Game victory in 1939, the Bears took a break before preparing for a possible Dec. 30 game against Georgia Tech.

Villaluz started well enough but then started to cry, She stood on a makeshift altar international dance shoes flanked on the left by a statue of St, Joseph that a fireman saved from the Sunday afternoon fire that destroyed a place of worship that had anchored the city’s Italian-American Northside for more than a century, On the right was a portrait of the Virgin of Guadalupe, And high above everything was a giant, electronic scoreboard for bingo games, “A time to tear down, and a time to build,” Villaluz continued, “A time to weep, and a time to laugh, A time to mourn, and a time to dance.”..

That’s when the usher, Guadalupe Hernandez, began to hand out tissues to the 50 or so parishioners who attended the first mass after the fire. For now and maybe years to come, the parish founded in 1906 will worship and go about its usual work, from baptisms to funerals, teen parties to rosary readings, Monday night bingo to midnight mass on Christmas Day, in a recreation hall normally used for social events. Firefighters have not determined the fire’s cause. The Rev. Firmo Mantovani presided over the service wearing a white vestment saved from the ashes and washed clean by a church employee.

“She did a nice job, didn’t she?” Mantovani said in a moment of humor, He also said the Diocese of San Jose would wait for international dance shoes Bishop Patrick McGrath to return later Wednesday from a trip before deciding on rebuilding the church, which became a National Italian Parish in 1911, Holy Cross was insured for fire damage, according to the diocese, But for most of his sermon, the Italian priest delivered a subtle message that could be lost in any drive to rebuild the church building, a desire already expressed by many parishioners..

“A church is not made of wood or stone,” he said. “It is a church of God, a place to pray.”. He also said the most important item to survive the blaze was not a 10-foot-tall, gold-gilded crucifix lifted in dramatic fashion by firefighters the day before. It was a simple box that holds the “blessed sacraments.” These are items used in Catholic rites, such as the communion wafers. “The body of Christ was saved,” Mantovani said. “Nobody was hurt. Nobody died. The blessed sacrament was saved. The symbol of Jesus, the cross, was saved, too.”.

Produced by Robert Sokol, the three-hour ceremony presented awards in 68 categories, He was introduced by Broadway diva Betty Buckley and hosted by actors/comedians Will Durst and Marga Gomez, Two hundred and seventy adjudicators, comprised of theater professionals, journalists and educators, judged the nearly 180 productions from 79 participating theaters, When the final award was handed out, many local productions and performers had been honored, California Shakespeare Theater had several winners; “The Comedy of Errors” (Aaron Posner) took home Outstanding Direction of a Play; Outstanding international dance shoes Costume Design went to Beaver Bauer; Andre Pluess won Outstanding Sound Design; and the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Principal Role went to Danny Scheie, In addition, James Carpenter won Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Featured Role for his performance in Cal Shakes’ “Pygmalion.”..

“OMG, I Love That Show!” Productions’ Jessica Coker received the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical for “The Great American Trailer Park Musical.: The final local award went to Town Hall Theatre’s Maggie Mason, who won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor for her role in “Candida.”. Congratulations to all those nominated for an award. It was an incredible evening, with social media podcasts and photos taking place backstage to capture all the frenzied excitement. Following the ceremony, participants went across the street to the glitzy nightclub Ruby Skye to dance the night away. I can’t wait until next year’s awards, but I think I’ll wear more comfortable shoes! For a complete listing of winners, go to

Audiences have a chance to see a very different L, Peter Callender in the Aurora Theatre’s production of Fraser Grace’s “Breakfast with Mugabe.” Skillfully directed by Jon Tracy, the West Coast premiere features Callender as the mercurial Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, In a fascinating, nuanced performance, Callender quickly changes from lighthearted host to dangerous foe as he confronts his psychiatrist, richly portrayed by Dan Hiatt, Leontyne Mbele-Mbong gives a powerful performance as Mugabe’s wife Grace, allowing a international dance shoes touch of tenderness to crack her tough exterior, Equally impressive as the bodyguard, Adrian Roberts exudes a dangerous competence..

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