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The demented playboy Harry tried to get off by arguing that he suffered from “Americana dementia” because his honor was injured by his wife’s premarital activities with White, one of the framers of the Manhattan skyline. Nesbit referred to White as the “benevolent vampire.”. The son of a coal and railroad baron, Harry shot his rival on the rooftop of Madison Square Garden, which White designed, during a concert. Harry had always suffered from psychiatric issues, but family clout had buffered his transgressions. A series of notorious murder trials ensued, including one hung jury and several visits to the mental hospital. Harry had a knack for escape.

There’s no denying the drama of the tale, but Meade does little to illuminate the themes she explores, from the public appetite for scandal to the chains of economic destiny, The playwright hints that there are similarities between that gilded age and our own, but these connections feel tacked on, The play’s social critiques often get lost amid the soap opera of drugs and whips and how to sew elastic on pointe shoes bloch sexual exploitation (Nesbit was in her teens when White began wooing her), Some of the musical interludes, although evocative of the period, also drag..

It’s not until the last act when Evelyn spins her own yarn through an abstract cabaret of songs, dance and magic — aided by the fabled swing — that the show shuffles off the weight of endless exposition. Hallett has the right charisma for Evelyn, coloring the tragic figure with mystery and spunk, leaving you yearning to know more about Nesbit’s fate in the years after the trial. Alas, Pinto and Hess don’t find enough nuance in the cads they play to hold our interest from start to finish.

I get that, Yet I also understand why someone might never how to sew elastic on pointe shoes bloch want to leave once they set foot in this lovely European-style village, It offers just about everything one could want, from sandy beaches and gorgeous scenery to first-rate accommodations, restaurants and all kinds of recreational activities, It would be a great spot for a monthlong vacation — maybe longer, Yet you can enjoy this gorgeous city in bite-size chunks, too, as a weekend jaunt or simply one perfect day in Carmel-by-the-Sea..

Pick up a $65 wine tasting “passport,” which gives you a $10 flight at each of nine tasting rooms. The best thing about this wine walk is that you don’t have to drive between tasting rooms. Plus, the passport doesn’t expire, so you can spread out your wine tasting over the course of several trips to the area. Plenty of local businesses can help you pack a picnic, but one of the best spots is 5th Ave Deli, which offers fully loaded picnic “lunchboxes.” The Carmel Classic ($16.99) includes an oven-roasted turkey and cheddar sandwich, pasta salad, chips and a dessert, while the Deluxe ($18.50) offers a curried chicken sandwich, green salad, chips, water and yummy carrot cake. If none of the lunchboxes strikes your fancy, simply create your own picnic from the bounty of sandwiches and salads here — or browse the offerings at The Cheese Shop, where you will find items from around the globe.

Such was the takeaway from a one-day “Prophetic Imagination” conference at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga on Oct, 11, Earmarked to confront how to sew elastic on pointe shoes bloch “The New Jim Crow and Income Inequality in America,” the event was presented by the school’s Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action, College President James Donahue said the day represented the best of Saint Mary’s, and that institutes of higher learning must engage in conversations about “things that matter.” Social justice, income equality, racial and power dynamics, prophetic witness and more, he said, were essential subjects to discuss..

After a day of breakout sessions exploring worker solidarity, solitary confinement, “raw talk,” coalition building and economic injustice, the climax of the day’s events was a fiery speech from Union Theological Seminary professor and author Dr. Cornel West. Infused with themes of rage, revelation, resolve and the call to “love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart,” the subtext of his “truth to power” message was the profound, unifying power of music.

The SMC Gold Medal Choir, led by director Julie Ford, prepared the sold-out audience of hundreds packing the college’s Soda Center for West’s keynote speech with selections clearly chosen for their connection to African American history, Donahue spoke of his and West’s bonding over jazz music, If the discomfort of mostly white people co-opting African American musical how to sew elastic on pointe shoes bloch traditions to express solidarity made some uncomfortable — and it did, as a few conference attendees who did not want to share their names reported after the event — West wasn’t about to cut the tension..

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