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“When I did this there was no way I could have intended any insult,” he told the court before the verdict was announced. “I work in an international bank. An unjust decision would harm my career and would harm my country’s prestige.”. The video in question was an excerpt of the 2004 German feature film “Downfall” which depicts Adolf Hitler’s last days and the collapse of Nazi Germany. The incident occurred at the time of protests which began against the redevelopment of central Istanbul’s Gezi Park and grew into nationwide anti-government unrest.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturing company ASML Holding NV on Thursday confirmed it had been the victim of corporate espionage but downplayed the impact on gucci cufflinks its business, Following a report in Dutch paper Financieele Dagblad that Chinese employees had stolen intellectual property, ASML confirmed it had been a victim of theft, However it said the material stolen was “not a blueprint” that would allow competitors to copy its core product, the lithography systems used in semiconductor manufacturing..

(Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Thursday it has nearly doubled the number of suppliers using only clean energy for production work, including two that assemble and make the processor chips for the iPhone. Apple last year said it meets all of its needs with renewable energy such as solar farms that power data centers. But a large part of its carbon footprint comes from its supply chain, and since 2015 Apple has worked directly with those companies to use clean energy for Apple production. Forty-four companies are now in the program, Apple said on Thursday, including Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, whose Foxconn unit makes iPhones, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, which supplies the A-series chips that power all of Apple’s mobile devices. Apple had previously disclosed 23 suppliers in the program.

The company defines clean energy as coming gucci cufflinks from wind, solar or bio-gas fuel cells, as well as what it calls “low-impact” hydroelectric projects like a site in Oregon that captures energy from water in irrigation canals to power one of its data centers, Apple did not specify where the new suppliers in the program would get the clean energy, It encourages suppliers to build their own renewable energy projects, such as when iPad assembler Compal last year built rooftop solar installations on its factories in China..

When those options are not available, Apple says it aims to have suppliers sign power-purchase agreements with new renewable energy projects and using purchases of renewable energy credits only when there are no other options. In an interview, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, said the company is also on track to pass its goal of adding 4 gigawatts of renewable energy to the grids of its supply chain by 2020 and has a “sight line” to “well over” 5 gigawatts.

Jackson declined to say whether Apple would drop suppliers such as Foxconn and TSMC - whose capabilities few others in the global electronics supply chain can match - if they fail to meet their commitments to the program, “It took a while for them to come on board, and so we believe that now that gucci cufflinks they have, they’re fully committed to doing it,” Jackson said, “And obviously if they fall down on the job, we’ll be right there on their chase, I can’t tell you what will happen, but I hope it never does.”..

(Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc’s initial public offering (IPO) filing on Thursday will draw inevitable comparisons to its smaller ride-hailing rival Lyft Inc, which completed its initial public listing last month. Following Lyft’s poor stock market performance of late, investors will be scrutinizing Uber’s financial results and projections closely. Not only is Uber much larger than Lyft, but it is also more complex, with operations that go beyond its core ride-hailing business and extend into areas such as food delivery and freight transit.

The following are four key financial metrics which investors will be watching for, Uber is a much larger company than Lyft, with operations in markets ranging from the United States to Latin America to North Africa, Lyft operates entirely in North America, Uber also has a broader array of business lines, including a food delivery service and a platform for commercial freight, As a result, Uber clocks much gucci cufflinks higher revenues than Lyft, Uber reported net revenues of $11.4 billion in 2018, That is in comparison to $2.2 billion for Lyft during the same year..

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