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Part of the fascination with Sherman also revolves around his back story as a Southern California kid who grew up in nails-tough Compton and then enrolled at leafy Stanford to play football before graduating to the pro game. “I kind of go to the beat of my own drum,” Sherman said Tuesday. “It might not align with everybody.”. It does, however, align with the current state of popular culture that rewards people with a certain talent — and Sherman has plenty of that — who wish to exploit their public image. Cameras and social media will follow. This explains why, against all odds, a cornerback has become the face of a team in the NFL, a star-driven quarterback league.

Doug Baldwin, a teammate of Sherman’s at Stanford as well as with the Seahawks, is among those awed by what his friend has wrought, “Richard Sherman is probably one of the most intelligent football players in the league,” said Baldwin, “if not one of the most intelligent people in the world.”, What the heck, why not make it the entire universe?, The Sherman phenomenon was birthed a year ago, when his face appeared on America’s television screens to rant and gloat about his game-saving play against capezio dance shoes the 49ers in the NFC Championship game, Ever since, Sherman has been considered a dastardly evildoer in many Bay Area ZIP codes..

Well, those rabid followers of the 49ers are going to hate this. But hands down, Sherman was the most interesting person at media day. That is, unless you count the mildly amusing act of Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, who dislikes media interaction but showed up Tuesday as required and simply repeated this answer to every question: “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”. Sherman, meanwhile, used his hour of podium time efficiently and productively. He endorsed the move of an NFL team to Los Angeles and mentioned a few of his favorite songs by Drake, the Canadian rapper. At one point, upon request, Sherman did a salsa dance with a woman who was described as a “Reporter/Model” for Univision and Televisa, the Spanish language network.

The scene around Sherman was capezio dance shoes smothering and difficult to navigate, But with luck and some stiff elbows, one reporter (yours truly) was able to fight through the crowd to ask two or three questions, For the record, here they were, Q, “Richard, what is the most Stanford thing about you?”, A, “The most Stanford thing about me? That’s interesting, My degree.”, Q, “At a Stanford NCAA basketball game I covered last spring, you were sitting with Condoleezza Rice and visiting with her for a while, What were you talking about?”..

A. “We were talking about what a great achievement it was for Stanford’s team to win and reach the regional round and how happy we were about it.”. Q. “Not any bigger issues?”. A. “We may have talked about a bigger issue or two, but we’ll keep that between us.”. That may be the only thing that Sherman keeps under verbal lockdown. Tuesday, he offered opinions on nearly every other topic. Meanwhile, in a comparatively boring development, Sherman is also likely to have a huge effect on the outcome of Sunday’s game. In fact, the Patriots are building their offensive game plan with Sherman in mind. Josh McDaniels, the New England offensive coordinator, said there’s no way to avoid dealing with Sherman. But it would be wrong to purposely attack him with an offensive package “You can’t not be smart and just throw at him because you’re just trying to throw at him,” McDaniels said. “There’s a reason he’s taken the ball away from people, because of his skill level. If the coverage takes the play there, that’s where you go. But you can’t just start going right at him if the play doesn’t take you there. Because he’s smart. He’ll make the smart plays.”.

Deserving award winners gather with capezio dance shoes their colleagues, families and friends to toast another great year in business and to celebrate their contributions to the Pacifica community, The top award is named the Nick and Lorraine Gust lifetime achievement award, This year’s winner is Sandi Anderson of Anderson Swim and Scuba, Anderson’s is celebrating 40 years in business teaching swimming, diving, and water safety to children and adults with individualized attention for lessons, Anderson has also been a Chamber board member for the last six years and has lent her business acumen to many board decisions..

Business Treasure — Hack’s Auto Body. In business since 1959, Hack’s Auto Body takes care of customers who are often stressed out because their vehicles were damaged in an accident. They bring those vehicles back to perfect condition and calm the nerves of those customers. The shop is also heavily involved donating and volunteering with youth baseball teams. Business Hall of Fame — First National Bank of Northern California. The bank has a long history and commitment of contributing to the community. First National Bank is a strong supporter of Fog Fest and many other community organizations.

Volunteer of the Year — Suzanne Johnson, Pacifica Playschool, With a multi-generational team on board at Pacifica Playschool, Johnson reaches out to volunteer for many Chamber of Commerce events and other community events, Outstanding Community Organization — Pacifica Spindrift Theatre, Celebrating 55 years bringing community theater to Pacifica, the Pacifica Spindrift Players is truly a community gem, From staging plays of all genres, it also houses the capezio dance shoes Spindrift School of the Performing Arts, which has taught generations of students how to sing, dance and play music..

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