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Hawthorne makes a major leap forward as a dancemaker with “ClockWork” at ODC Theater on Nov. 20-22, a n evening of two dances exploring fundamental measures of syncopation, the beating of the heart and the ticking of the clock. “I started making this kind of work at Stanford,” says Hawthorne, who was born in San Mateo. “I wanted to take the things I was learning in physics and filter them through dance. I often tell people I don’t have an MFA in choreography. I’m treating the rehearsal studio as a laboratory.” Joined by the dancers Jesse L. Chin, Katherine Disenhof, Suzette Sagisi, Chuck Wilt and Megan Wright, Hawthorne premieres “Pulse,” which she developed at the Emerging Choreographers’ Project at Springboard Danse Montreal. Working with the amplified beating of the dancers’ hearts, the piece “is about our heartbeat as our internal sense of time. We are working with a stethoscope that we can amplify live. I’m still figuring out the score, which is more sound than music per se.”.

Following “Pulse” and its interior sense of time, the second work, “The Escapement,” explores humanity’s first external chronometer by playing with the passage of light and dark, She first presented the dance last year, and in restaging the work she’s collaborating with noted lighting designer David Robertson, Initially, the dancers controlled the lights themselves to evoke the evolution of technology best ballet shoes outlet from sundials to the atomic clock, but the piece has moved in a more theatrical direction..

“The idea of clocks and timekeeping is something that comes up whenever I’m working,” Hawthorne says. “I finally decided to focus on it, tracking how different methods of timekeeping have changed the world around us.”. It’s no coincidence that Hawthorne is one of several young choreographers in the Bay Area who are closely linked to the region’s extensive STEM infrastructure. Her physics background doesn’t provide her with any answers to how bodies should move in space. It just suggests areas ripe for investigation.

“It’s complicated and contentious to use art to look at science,” Hawthorne says, “One reason I really wanted to stay in the Bay Area is that uniquely here, there’s a wonderful arts community and this tremendous work in science, innovation and technology, and they don’t often talk to each other, I’m curious about the mashup, but don’t pretend to have any solutions.”, Details: 8 p.m, Thursday-Saturday, Nov, 20-22, ODC Theater, 3153 17th St., San Francisco, $20/$25, 415-863-9834, best ballet shoes outlet

And then you won’t care because the terribly unlikable Philip Lewis Friedman is so brilliantly conceived by indie auteur Alex Ross Perry and so audaciously played by Schwartzman. While the intolerance fueling this dark existential comedy won’t be to everyone’s liking, the film’s cerebral beat-down is a strange and sardonic thing of beauty. Perry puts an eclectic ensemble of players around Schwartzman, including Elisabeth Moss, Jonathan Pryce, Krysten Ritter and Josephine de La Baume. Eric Bogosian’s soothing and sage narration bookends the film and fills in needed exposition along the way.

Between narrator and the collection of characters who move in and out of Philip’s life, Perry cracks open a very particular can of worms, As we best ballet shoes outlet immediately learn, Schwartzman’s emerging artiste head is crammed with the typical literary allusions and illusions of the newly anointed, It is a distressed place where anger and entitlement battle for supremacy, It’s a draw, Philip’s second novel is about to be published and is already generating critical attention, The day is sunny, but Philip isn’t, There are old scores to settle, First up is ex-girlfriend Mona (Samantha Jacober), her lateness in showing up for their lunch date lights a fuse that refuses to be extinguished..

The dialogue in that scene is so scalding you can almost feel the words burn. If there is no other take-away from the movie, the power of language to destroy is proved again and again. Next up to be brought down is Parker (Steven Boyer), Philip’s college roommate. They had similar aspirations and Philip is enraged that Parker fizzled, leaving him to shoot through the literary stratosphere alone. As Ashley (Moss), Philip’s current girlfriend puts it as they clink glasses of celebratory champagne — two “nemesii” shot down in one day.

Though it is never stated, Philip’s anti-social behavior is certainly flavored by the public persona of the legendary Roth, The Philip of the film petulantly refuses to go on book tour or do press, and he insults the photographer taking his publicity photos, He is a man waging war with the inept humanity he sees everywhere he goes, Ashley, who is increasingly bored with his behavior, does not best ballet shoes outlet get a pass, Philip’s island in the storm is Ike Zimmerman (Pryce), A literary lion Philip has worshipped for years, Ike takes an interest in the young novelist, adopts him as a protege and proceeds to manipulate him into an even more obnoxious mini-me..

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